Harnessing Collective Wisdom for Impact: the Case of Google Lunar XPRIZE

A lunar landing vehicle entry in the XPRIZE challenge

Crowdsourcing is a great way to generate novel ideas and has been adopted by corporations and governments around the world. But crowdsourcing has the potential to change the world — to solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges by tapping into ideas generated by scores of people.

  1. The Moon has an unexplored potential for energy and resources, such as precious minerals, industrial metals, and even substances such as Helium-3 that could be mined and used on Earth for fusion as part of the future of clean energy. Such activities could open up a new lunar economy, creating jobs and income.
  2. The Moon could serve as an astronomical observatory, and even a launch pad for deep space missions, as it is almost entirely free from earthly constraints such as gravity or thick atmosphere, reducing the distortion of observed objects.
  3. The Moon can teach us about Earth, since it preserves information about the composition of Earth at time of the Moon’s formation.
  4. In the event of a catastrophe on Earth, the Moon could serve as a refuge for humanity.
A prototype wheeled robot designed for use on the Moon



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